Mandatory Ohio State Tests

The Maritime Academy of Toledo requires every student to complete all mandatory Ohio Tests. The mandatory tests for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows: 

  • 5th Grade: Language Arts, Math, and Science. 
  • 6th Grade: Language Arts, and Math. 
  • 7th Grade: Language Arts and Math. 
  • 8th Grade: Language Arts, Math, and Science. 
  • Freshman: Language Arts I, Biology, and Algebra I. 
  • Sophomores: Language Arts II, American History and Geometry.  
  • Juniors: American Government, and ACT. 

2017-2018 Test Dates 


Fall: Decemeber 4th - December 15th 
Spring: Language Arts: April 9th- April 27th  
Mathematics, Science and Social Studies: April 16th-May 4 ​

Summer: July 16th - July 27th 


Fall: October 23rd - November 3rd 
Spring: March 12th - March 23rd
Summer: June 11th - June 22nd 

​ACT District Testing (Juniors)
  • Initial Test date: February 27, 2018
  • Make up date: March 20, 2018