About The Maritime Academy of Toledo

Our Vision
It is our vision at the Maritime Academy of Toledo to shape future leaders by developing strong character and innovative minds.  

Our Mission:
It is our mission to:

  • develop Students with strong character and creativity through hands-on learning.
  • teach positive character traits including Accountability, Buoyancy, Observancy, Altruism, Respect, and Discipline.
  • develop skills for college and career readiness.

  • involve all stakeholders in the educational process.

  • incorporate nautical/maritime themes into the general education curriculum.

  • provide innovative and challenging career tech programs. 

  • create a safe and welcoming learning environment. 

Our Values:
The Maritime Academy of Toledo supports student's interests, strengths, and emerging academic needs using individualized and small group instruction methods and hands-on, life-based learning experiences across the curriculum.

Our Philosophy:
WE BELIEVE in the education of the whole child-nurturing the affective, social, creative, cognitive, language, and physical areas of the child's development.
WE BELIEVE every child is entitled to a personalized, individualized education plan that supports the child's present level of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, and at the same time challenges the child to grow, develop, and learn to his or her maximum potential.
WE BELIEVE all children are gifted and all children can learn.
WE BELIEVE it is the responsibility of adults to support children's learning by seeking out the best methods and resources to meet the needs of the child.
WE BELIEVE good teaching practices support children's emerging interests, strengths, and talents.
WE BELIEVE it is critically important to plan for children's intellectual and personal growth based upon what they already know and can do.


Child Find Policy

The School supports and complies with all applicable federal and state laws, procedures and policies regarding the School's child find responsibilities.  The School will conduct all child find activities for students who are en rolled in the School (its geographical area) so that they are appropriately located, identified and referred for evaluation.  Parents or guardians have the right to review their child's records and refuse permission to release information (except as required by, or permitted by, law to be released).

Persuant to Ohio law, the School is required to perform the same child find duties as city, local, exempted village school districts, and will endeavor to adhere to its responsibilites

A Child Find Notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the geographic area covered by the identification activity before any major identification activity.

Click Here to see the Child Find Notice.

20 USC § 1412 et seq.
OAC 3301-51-03