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Cadet System for Promotion In Rank

The ultimate goal is to provide a fair and equitable system whereby those who strive for the betterment of themselves and the Academy will be promoted using the following promotion ranks:

The following is an overview of the procedures governing the promotion of cadet within The Maritime Academy of Toledo.

  1. Demonstrate Continuous Academic Progress and Effort
  2. Complete Class Assignments
  3. Complete All Homework Assignments
  4. Understand and use nautical terms when referencing the school environment and in interpersonal communications with fellow cadets and staff for each rank sought.
  5. Receive no more than five (5) demerits in a given quarter.
  6. Maintain 90% on-time record during the 30 calendar days prior Promotion.
  7. Maintain 0 unexcused absences during the 30 calendar days prior to Promotion.
  8. Wear the cadet uniform appropriately.
  9. Be able to articulate the proper wearing of the cadet uniform including insignia, and colors.
  10. Demonstrate knowledge of company inspection.
  11. Participate in one extracurricular/community activity or club.
  12. Maintain minimum Overall Performance Average (OPA) for each rank (See Rank and Promotion Chart)
  13. Maintain the "Personal Charge Record" as a summary or earned rank.
  14. Complete and Submit "Promotion Application Form" including "Promotion Essay".

Forms & Documents

Word Document Cadet Promotion Authorization Form
Word Document Personal Charge Record
Word Document Student & Staff Rank
Word Document Nautical Terms By Rank With Definitions

Rank insignia

Cadet Commissioned Officers

Cadet CommanderCadet Commander

Cadet Lt CommanderCadet Lt Commander

Cadet LieutenantCadet Lieutenant

Cadet Lieutenant JGCadet Lieutenant JG

Cadet EnsignCadet Ensign

Cadet Enlisted Officers

InsigniaCadet Chief Petty Officer

InsigniaMst Cf Petty Officer

InsigniaCadet Petty Officer

InsigniaCadet Seaman

InsigniaSeaman Apprentice