The Wellness Committee

The Maritime Academy of Toledo believes that children and youth who begin each day as healthy individuals can learn more and better, and are more likely to complete their formal education.  We also believe that a healthy staff can more effectively perform their assigned duties and model appropriate wellness behaviors for students.  Our Wellness Committee & Wellness Policy encourage a holistic approach to student wellness.

The Wellness Committee consists of the following members:

  • Tom Shafer (School Superintendant)
  • Michael Smith (Head of Food Services)
  • Jessie Weber (Physical Education)
  • Sarah Fleishman (Parent Liason)
  • Stephanie Dixon (FLP Coordinator)
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Community Members

The school's Wellness Policy is part of our greater Policies & Procedures Manual and can be found by clicking HERE

The committee will next meet:

  • When:  December, 2019
  • Where:  803 Water Street, Toledo, OH  43604