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College & Career Readiness Policy 

Read our PDF DocumentCollege & Career Readiness Policy.

Emergency Notification Protocol

In the event of an emergency
at the school, parents/ guardians will be notified using the school's automated messaging service.

Ohio Sunshine Laws

govern access to public records at all state organizations.  To see more details concerning Ohio's Sunshine Laws, click the logo above.

Public Records Policy 

Read our PDF DocumentPublic Records Policy.

Upcoming Events

Please click the note above to read about some upgrades to The Maritime Academy's Health & Wellness program!


Parents, please click the banner above to read an important message from our Principal, Mr. Lusk.



The Maritime Academy of Toledo has recently instituted a new policy concerning any person that wishes to visit the school.

  • Effective immediately, no visitor or alumni will be permitted to enter without a pre-arranged appointment with a member of the school’s staff.
  • When arriving for the appointment:
    1. Please sign in with the school secretary at the front desk in the school’s main building at 803 Water Street.
    2. Please present a photo ID to the secretary at the time of sign-in.
    3. At this time, the visitor will be issued a Visitor Pass that must be worn in a visible place at all times while on the school campus.
    4. Finally, the staff member with whom the appointment has been made will be contacted to escort the visitor.

We at The Maritime Academy of Toledo would like to stress that we greatly value all of our alumni, as well as the positive influences that they provide to our current students, but unscheduled visits to the school can no longer be permitted.