The Governing Board of The Maritime Academy of Toledo engages in several public committees to enhance the organizational capability and maintain accountability of the organization.  

Please see below to learn about each committee. 

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Finance Committee:

Purpose: The role of the finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization.

  1. Develop useful and readable report formats with school leadership.
  2. Work with school leadership to develop a list of desired reports noting the level of detail, frequency, deadlines, and recipients of these reports.
  3. Work with staff to understand the implications of the reports.
  4. Present the financial reports to the full board.

Members: Paul Hubbard (Board Chairman), James Hartung, Dr. William Davis, Treasurer, Business Manager, Keith Jordan

Staff Member: Superintendent

Frequency: This committee usually meets monthly unless no meeting is required.

Marketing/PR Committee:

Purpose: The Foundation and Fundraising committee takes on a leadership role for planning and coordinating revenue-generating strategies.

  1. Find, create, and implement fundraising opportunities throughout Lucas County while raising funds to support The Maritime Academy.
  2.  The Fundraising Committee will provide written reports to the full Board of Directors of any actions taken, meetings held or discussions that have occurred.
  3. With support from school leadership or fundraising staff, annually submit objectives and a work plan for the committee as part of the planning and budgeting process.
  4. With support from school leadership or fundraising staff, annually evaluate its work as a committee and the objectives it has committed itself to.
  5. Act as a liaison between the Toledo Maritime Education Foundation and the School. 

Members: James Hartung, Paul Hubbard, Kate Fineske, Bob Bohmer

Staff: Superintendent

Frequency: Should meet about 1 time per quarter unless more meetings are required.

Safety and Wellness Committee:

Purpose: The wellness committee is an important part of the health and safety process within the school and ensures a two-way flow of information. In addition, a wellness committee promotes students’ and staff health, students’ and staff well-being, and students’ and staff ability to learn or teach. 

1). The wellness committee will increase positive school climate

2). The wellness committee will increase student attendance

3). The wellness committee will increase student health and wellness, social-emotional competencies, and behavioral health

4). The wellness committee will decrease student suspension and expulsion

5). The wellness committee will increase teacher retention

6). The wellness committee will increase student academic success

7). The wellness committee will maintain and increase school building security

8). Discuss and provide recommendations for medical policies and medical admin guidelines

Members: Joy Goodner, Keith Jordan

Staff: Superintendent, Principal, Business Manager, IT Director, Mental Health Specialist, School Nurse, Assistant Principal, multiple Teachers, other staff members

Frequency: Legal requirement is once per year but we intend to meet 1 time per month when possible.

Policy and Compliance Committee:

Purpose: The Policy Committee is a board designated committee with goals of insuring the board has policies and procedures in place to guide the operation of the organization in a legal and ethical manner.

The role of the Policy Committee is to: The Policy Committee is a board designated committee with goals of insuring the board has policies and procedures in place to guide the operation of the organization in a legal and ethical manner.

  1. Oversee the review of policies adopted by the School Board, and ensure they are in accordance with federal and Ohio state mandates.
  2. Establish priorities in policy review and adoption, in consultation with the Superintendent and the administration.
  3. Set goals and schedules for policy review and adoption.
  4. Review recommended Board action on policies not specifically in the purview of another School Board Committee (i.e. medical policies reviewed by the Wellness Committee)
  5. Evaluate suggestions for School Board policy and recommend development of policies for adoption 
  6. Review all Epicenter submissions and corrective action plans from the ESC.
  7. Review and provide recommendations for all ESC of Central Ohio site visits.

Academic Excellence Committee:

Purpose: The committee’s primary responsibilities are to:

The Role: The main purpose of the academic excellence committee is to measure the academic results of the organization against the goals established in the Maritime Academy’s charter, One Plan, and the Superintendent’s system wide goals if applicable.

  • Ensure that the governing board and the Superintendent have a shared vision of academic excellence and a clear road map to achieve it
  • Ensure that all directors understand the academic promises in the One Plan
  • Analyze data and programs to determine implementation of the One Plan.
  • Educate the full board to conduct proper oversight of the academic program.
  • Present a report to the school board twice a year on academic progress.