Special Education Services


It is our vision that all students can reach or exceed grade level Common Core Standards in an inclusive environment.  


It is our mission to:

1). Develop and implement appropriate co-teaching techniques that provide “best” teaching practices and an individualized program in the general education classroom.
2). Develop individualized programs for students based on assessment and data.
3). Educate the “whole child” with project based learning and interventions based upon strengths and needs.
4). Maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding special education.
5). Continually evaluate the effectiveness of instruction on students with special needs. 



School Responsibilities:

In regards to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) schools have several responsibilities when educating or servicing students with disabilities. These include:

  1. Developing an Individualized Educational Program that meets the individual needs of each student.
  2. Providing a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).  This requires the school to provide special education services (if the student is deemed eligible) to each student at no cost to the parents. 
  3. Abide by procedural safeguards under IDEA.
  4. Provide transition services to students aged 14 years or older. 

Parent Responsibilities:

In order to effectively educate a student with a disability parents must be an active member of the IEP team. 

  1. Parents must ensure that homework and studying is done in a timely manner.
  2. Students must arrive to school and class on time according to the adopted board schedule.
  3. Parents must promote and ensure proper attendance habits according to the Maritime Academy of Toledo Code of Conduct and the Ohio Revised Code.
  4. Parents must provide proper materials and supplies for their child(ren). 
  5. Collaboration with school staff is essential.