Staff Qualifications

Highly Qualified Teachers

The qualification of all teachers and paraprofessionals in the building meet HQT requirements (Except for the long term substitutes listed below). This means that all staff teaching twelve or more hours in a week hold State of Ohio Teaching Licenses/Certificates. We constantly strive to make sure all teachers are licensed and even teachers now listed as substitutes are working on advancing their licenses to become highly qualified.

Teachers on Substitute Licensure:

1). Jaqueline Hatcher: Master's degree in Visual Art:

Job Duty: Art Teacher

2). Heather Dassouki: Bachelor's degree in Theater:

Job Duty: Music/Theater Teacher

3). Maher Almoussa: Master's degree Applied Mathematics:

Job Duty: Math Teacher

4). Coach Ibrahim AlMahaireh: Master's Degree Exercise Physiology:

Job Duty: Phys Ed Teacher

5). Anna Huff: See below:

Job Duty: Math Teacher

6). Tomas Mizelle: Worked a different career and completed classes for licensure:

Job Duty: Intervention Specialist

7). Kevin Justus: Worked in a science lab and has 2 Master's Degrees in Science related fields. 

Job Duty: Biology and Physical Science Teacher

8). Matt Cooley: He is a Licensed Social Studies Teacher in Washington State but is still having problems transferring it to Ohio.

Note: Diversity is not only ethnicity, but also demographic, gender, life experiences, socioeconomic status, etc. 

PDF DocumentClick here to see the qualifications of all staff

PDF DocumentNotice of H1B Visa Hiring: Reem AlBakeer

Teacher Retention and Experience:

The Maritime Academy of Toledo, similar to other Community Schools, has had a high rate of teacher turnover.  We have, however, been able to attract qualified candidates with more experience. 

For the 2023-2024 School year we have retained 92% of our staff.