Staff Qualifications

Highly Qualified Teachers

The qualification of all teachers and paraprofessionals in the building meet HQT requirements (Except for the long term subs listed on this list below). This means that all staff teaching twelve or more hours in a week hold State of Ohio Teaching Licenses/Certificates. We constantly strive to make sure all teachers are licensed.  As of right now only the long term substitute in the 6-8 grade science class, 10-12 Science Teacher and an Intervention Specialist are considered not highly qualified. 

At the beginning of this school year our Physical Education Teacher's substitute license was denied, by the superintendent, but we have 2 people in the room and had a licensed monitor in the room.  A licensed teacher provides the ability to assign grades, develop academic lessons, and award credits.  We have received a corrective action plan from our Sponsor, The ESC of Central Ohio, for that reason and the unlicensed person has been reassigned for other reasons. Please click below to view the corrective action plan. 

PDF DocumentClick here to see the qualifications of all staff

PDF DocumentCorrective Action Plan for Physical Education

PDF DocumentNotice of H1B Visa Hiring