A Ship in Dry Dock

The Maritime Academy campus functions as a "ship in dry dock". For this reason, TMAT uses nautical terms for the different areas of our building and campus:

Helm:  Front Desk Area
The Bridge:  Principal's Office
Commandant's Quarters:  Superintendent's Office
Ward Room:  Staff Lounge
Ladderwell:  Stairs
Head:  Bathroom
Galley:  Kitchen
Mess Deck:  Cafeteria
Squad Bays:  Classrooms
Lower Deck:  1st Floor
Main Deck:  2nd Floor
Upper Decks:  3rd-6th Floors
Gangway:  Entrance Foyer
Purser:  Treasure's Office
Dock:  Parking Area
Lucky Bag:  Lost & Found & Extra Uniform (Free) Storage Area