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Dear Maritime and Future Maritime Family:

Welcome to The Maritime Academy of Toledo, one of the most unique schools in the United States!  We offer a rigorous academic curriculum for all students in grades 6-12 with three pathways for high school students.  In addition, we are dedicated to providing a place where parents feel like they have a voice in their child's education.  Schedule a tour today and see, firsthand, the Mariner way. 

Thank you,

Aaron Lusk


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In the Navy, a Williamson Turn is a maneuver used to bring a ship or boat under power back to a point it previously passed through, often for the purpose of recovering a man or woman who had fallen overboard. It is common knowledge that the United States Military will never leave anyone behind without, first, expending a large amount of resources.  As you see in the image: 

Williamson Turn

At the Maritime Academy of Toledo we vow to do everything possible to never leave a student behind academically.  When the Navy performs a Williamson Turn the original mission does not change but they take time to rescue a sailor.  They have a strategic plan with a succinct set of steps to rescue and support the sailor that fell overboard. Our academic standards will not change or get easier but we will take time to "rescue" a student and provide the proper support.  For more information on our "Tiered System of Support" and how we will implement our academic "Williamson Turn" please click here:

Multi-Tiered System of Support


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