Diploma and Career Options

Graduation/Degree Requirements

Ohio Department of Education Graduation Requirements
The following courses are required for graduation:

  • Language Arts: 4 credits: Major concentration in composition and literature.
  • Mathematics: 4 credits: Algebra I, II, Geometry and Pre-Calculus or Consumer Math
  • Science: 3 credits: Biology, Physical Science, and one science elective (Environmental Science, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Liminology & Oceanography, Astronomy, Geology or Physics).   
  • Social Studies: 3 credits: World Studies, United States Studies, Government, and Economics/Personal Finance.
  • Physical Education: ½ credit (2 semesters)
  • Health: ½ credit
  • Maritime Skills: 1 credit 
  • Electives: (5 credits) Leadership, Art, Technology, Spanish, Geography, Introduction to Psychology, Drama, Speech, Modern U.S. Perspectives, Introduction to Engineering, Publications, and Career Technical Education.

Career Technical Education Programs

The following courses are three-year elective programs culminating in state, national, and international certifications: