Building Trades

Every year, a group of our Cadets attend the Carpenters' Apprentice Training Center, where they are given hands-on experience in carpentry, welding, and floor-covering installation.

Below are just some of the benefits of the Construction Trades Apprentice Programs that are presented to the Cadets:


Construction Workers…

…spend time indoors, outdoors, in confined spaces, on the ground, or hundreds of feet in the air.  They must be able to work with others, plan ahead, visualize a completed project, work without close supervision and adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing, sometimes dangerous construction environment.  Physical strength, mechanical aptitude, initiative and a positive attitude are traits of successful construction tradespeople.


Construction Trades Apprentice Programs have basic admission requirements which could include some or all of the following:

  • Application fee (approximately $10-$20)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • High School Grade Transcript or GED Certificate Test Results
  • DD-214 if a Veteran
  • Pass Drug Test
  • Interview
  • Mechanical Aptitude Tests


Construction Trades Apprentice Programs are Post-Secondary Education Programs, only better!

  • PAID on the job training and classroom training.
  • Benefits such as healthcare and contributions toward your retirement.


For more information, contact Mary Gregory, Alliance of Construction Professionals
at 419-241-2907, e-mail: